The Hand book

The Sphere Handbook is one of the most widely known and internationally recognized sets of common principles and universal minimum standards for the delivery of quality humanitarian response. As it is not owned by any one organization, the Sphere Handbook enjoys broad acceptance by the humanitarian sector as a whole.

The Sphere Handbook establishes shared principles and a set of universal minimum standards in core areas of humanitarian response: water and sanitation; food security and nutrition; shelter and non-food items; and health. It offers a common language and provides guidance for effective and accountable humanitarian response and advocacy.

The Sphere hand book is designed for use during humanitarian response in a range of situations including natural disasters, conflict, slow and rapid-onset events, rural and urban environments, and complex emergencies in all countries.

2011 Edition of the Sphere Handbook incorporates a stronger focus on the protection and safety of affected populations. It deals with emerging issues like climate change, disaster risk reduction, disasters in urban settings, education as well as early recovery of services, livelihoods and governance capacity of affected communities.

.To download the Sphere handbook, training modules, presentation materials or other information about the project, go to the Sphere Project website.

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